Horoscope libra 29 march

It is now possible to finalise travel plans which for one reason or another have been held up through no fault of your own.

Here is your horoscope for March 29, 2018

Friends will see that they were wrong to blame you for this — or indeed for anything else. The great majority of Scorpio types are currently experiencing a relaxation in tension and pressure, yet for some of you it is still necessary to resolve questions concerning your personal security and emotional contentment. The first stop is your bank account. Compromise and co-operation are the key to the future, however difficult it seems today. You may just have to lick your wounds for a while. Appropriately enough your lunar patterns are secretive, profoundly so.

Spend some time mulling over the deeper questions and preparing for the time when you must revise some of your complacent views about your professional experience and standing. Certain colleagues may advise caution, yet people often criticise your radical Aquarian proposals.

The point is, though, that nothing will succeed unless you first obtain agreement from all concerned parties. Unusual arrangements with old and trusted friends are the best.

Tuesday 03 Dec, 12222

With Mars favouring your personal relationships you naturally tend to overstate your case, but if people take your exaggerations seriously, you will find you have bitten off more than you can chew. You could decide to express your creative nature in a new way.

Maybe you will write up some colorful love notes and place them in strategic places, for your family members to just happen upon.

You might even just write some funny e-mails, making snappy comments about life. Combine your artistic side with your natural tenderness and wit today, and you'll make everyone around you feel good.

Libra Horoscope

Today, you may feel as if you've just woken from a dream. Though, on second thought, maybe you haven't completely woken up at all. That would explain why you are having such trouble grasping the reality around you. You sit at your desk and look at your work, but can't seem to concentrate on it.

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Could this be a sign that you need a vacation? We think so! You have been working too hard lately. Even if you are unwilling to take a vacation, your brain already has! You might as well join it.

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  6. Are you a little tired? It's no wonder. You are so eager to make yourself useful that you have run yourself ragged over these past few weeks.

    Libra Daily Horoscope

    As you may have noticed, the world is so inert and apathetic right now that every movement requires enormous effort on your part. Why not settle down and rest today? That would be the wisest and most reasonable thing for you to do. You will still be needed tomorrow. You could be in a competitive mood today. You'll be eager to test your powers against another.

    Maybe you should hit the tennis courts or head for the basketball court. You could enjoy doing some sports with some friends. Or you could compete in a different way. You could market yourself in an aggressive way, competing for an important corporate account.